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Our Story

1983 - 2003

Fox Mirror & Glass opened in 1983 when owner 

Rickie Fox and his father, Dick, set a goal to 

become the best interior glass company in the 

Sarasota area. What started as a small, personal 

business has not lost its roots to this day. 

1983 - 2003

2003 - 2021

In 2003 Fox knew it was time to expand their 

craftsmanship to better serve Sarasota. They 

bought their 10th Street location, with close 

proximity to downtown Sarasota. Through their 

growth, Fox Mirror & Glass stayed true to their core 

beliefs by maintaining strong relationships with local 

contractors and designers, giving the same 

attention to detail, and specializing in custom work.

2003 - 2021


What started as a family business continues 

to this day. Their initial vision has been crystal 

clear and it is evident: be willing to push the 

limits; keep all the fabrication in-house; have a 

dedicated team; and put all you have into 

each job. No matter the job, the same passion 

and dedication is applied to each work of art 

that Fox Mirror and Glass creates. 

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